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donatello st john the evangelist | st.-john-the-evangelist,-donatello,-1408-15(2).jpg

Donatello ~ St John the Evangelist ~ ~ Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi better known as Donatello, was the most important early Renaissance sculptor from Florence. Donatello's sculpture is notable for its detailed realism, evidence of the artist's skills.

Duchess Kate & Marco Polo love playing with balls. They are Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. This is the only breed of dog that is officially recognized as specialized in truffle hunting. + in comments All you need to know about bad breath (tips, remedies, symptoms and more) :

Lagotto Romagnolos love playing with balls! They are the only breed of dog that is officially recognised as a specialist in truffle hunting

Lagotto Romagnolo ~ Classic Look

Lagotto Romagnolo - An ancient breed of retrieving water dogs from Italy. It is excellent at for searching for truffles, a job it performs with passion and efficiency. Powerfully built, it has a dense, curly coat of woolly texture.

Catalogs make you want things that are completely impractical but this is how I would like to camp at the Kerrville Folk Fest // West Elm

Glamping and camping inspiration for your well-styled adventure in your backyard or on a global adventure. Glamping is an experience no hotel can match. Sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors. For more travel vacation ideas go to Domino.

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