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Ancient greek myth about love. This is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

According to Greek mythology humans were originally created with 4 arms 4 legs & a head with 2 faces, but Zeus thought they had too much power so he split them into 2 people and made their goal in life to find their other half- soul mates

Whoooohooooo - smrt. I mean smArt!!!

Win Lottery: Lottery Dominator - Homer wins the (gas) lottery: Not having to pay. - I could not believe I was being called a liar on live TV right after hitting my lottery jackpot! How to Win the Lottery

How to disarm a man with a gun #gif #disarm #animated

Take note: this is how to properly disarm someone. Always go to the outside of the arm, not the inside. ah yes I have been doing it wrong the whole time it seems cowering in fear was not the first step