Los libros nos abren puertas, nos crean caminos nuevos en la vida. Leer es saber y conocer, y esto a su vez es poder.

Could put my boys names on the books! The Reader's Path by Jeremiah Morelli ~ Path to a magical place ♥

Here Begins The Tale of a Frozen Boy Who Possessed a Heart Warmer Than a Sun.

Jack Frost Rise of the guardians rotg /// "Here begins the tale of a frozen boy who possessed a heart warmer than the sun.

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"To be held by the light was what I wanted, to be a tree drinking the rain," Linda Hogan, from “To Be Held,” Dark.

A veces no hay próxima vez, a veces no hay segundas oportunidades, a veces es ahora o nunca.

Sometimes there is no next time, sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes it is now or never.