chapultepek: “While enjoying ice cream, this little girl really hams it up for the camera. Her friend? Much more demure. Both girls were part of the Children’s Torito and Traditional Dance Concurso.

Huichol Embroidery

Huichol Embroidery Colorful embroidery adorns the clothing of Huichol artisans attending the 2010 Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had so much fun here when I went a few years ago and met a lot of amazing people from all over the world!

Mérida, Mexico, mágico, musical. <3

This is in Merida, Mexico. The Jarana is the typical dance of Yucatan, with its origins in a blend of ancient indigenous, mestizo and Spanish dances. The typical costume of Yucatans mestizo women is known as the Terno.

adorable little girl < Mexico

Marigold yellowSize: 12 months to 18 months Traditional Puebla Mexican DressHandmade Embroidered Each dress has a unique pattern, color and fit. Here are a few examples of what we carry. Light weight CottonMade to be worn loose and at least knee length

Tehuantepec Clothing Mexico by Teyacapan, via Flickr These are the traditionally accepted costumes or dresses of the various regions of Mexico from generations past up to currently - for more of Mexico visit www.mainlymexican... #Mexico #Mexican #women #fashion #costume #dress

Tehuantepec Clothing Mexico Magnificent huipil and skirt from the Tehuantepec area of Oaxaca. Hand embroidered in the typical "large flower" style of Tehuantepec.

Huichol sacred art

Huichol Indian artisan at the Mexico Fest 2012 celebrations on Sept. 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. These celebrations commemorated 202 years of Mexican Independence.


"Parachicos", traditional dancers from Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, México, who dance on the streets of the town during the annual Great Feast festivity (January by Jorge Ojeda Badenes.

Mexican little girl

niña linda - All children are beautiful but we especially enjoy the Mexican children wearing traditional clothing - for more of Mexico visit www.