É diferente do que eu faço, mas pode ser útil.

The Power of Photoshop’s Refine Edge Tool - photography editing, Photoshop for photographers, portrait photography, composite photo

Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.

06 Semester Test Project: Geometric/Low Poly Design

This pin is similar to the first pin, it has those fine white lines that show the proportion of the bird. I like how it shows the original image and then it transforms into a pixelated bird. Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.

Double Exposure Action

Double Exposure Action

I like the contrast between the paleness of the peoples' skin compared to the brightness of the things that they've been combined with

Ultimate Double Exposure Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

Ultimate Double Exposure Photoshop Action

i am just completely mind blown by all of these and they are all fantastic, but I'm pretty sure the horse one was a shampoo commercial.

This image combines a lot of effective photoshops. The images are well done and blended to look realistic and make someone think twice. They are very nicely done and very effective in their purpose. The photos in each of the images are photoshopped well

Photoshop Tutorial: How to retouch a portrait! Tutorial de Photoshop: Cómo retocar un retrato!

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