Dip it, burst it, fill it, eat it

Dip it, burst it, fill it, eat it

Easy edible chocolate ice cream bowls using BALLOONS! To make the bowl look like marble add white chocolate in another sauce pan and swirl on bowl. Fill with yogurt or ice cream, topped w/ berries!

20 fun Halloween treats to make with your kids - fun and easy!

20 fun Halloween treats to make with your kids

20 fun Halloween treats to make with your kids - easy food crafts and fun recipe ideas, perfect for a Halloween party or an after school activity.

Cute and creative ideas for a fun Halloween lunch. The kids would love this!

50 FUN Halloween Foods - Halloween Themed Food for Every Meal

We've rounded up 50 fun Halloween food ideas including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, AND dessert! Perfect for a Halloween party or some family fun.

Quesitos empanados, unos aperitivos ¡buenísimos!

Aperitivos: quesitos empanados

Homemade Halloween Jello Worms This would probably gross me out.

Homemade Jello Worms - What you need: 1 pkg. jello (we used red raspberry) ounce envelopes) unflavored gelatin 3 cups boiling water cup whipping cream green food coloring, as needed plastic straws with bendable necks

dulces centros de mesa

Candy Skewers Dessert Some of the most fun food ideas are the most simple ones, as is true in the case of these awesome candy skewers from Kim Werker. As she describes, they are "the simplest, most time-consuming, impre.

recetas para niños: sandwich divertidos

Recetas para niños: 6 sandwiches divertidos


Milhojas de Nata y Crema Postre Napoleón Tarta Mille-Feuille

【DIY芝士热狗】 材料:方片面包,鸡蛋,面包,芝士,火腿肠,竹签. 1. 火腿肠用刀划些口子~2. 然后放到热水里泡1分钟~3. 把面包建成方块,然后在方面一次放入芝士和火腿~然后卷起来~4,插上竹签,沾蛋液再沾面包屑,再重复沾一次、下油锅炸至金黄5、挤上番茄酱或者你喜欢的酱料即可

Make several slices around hot dogs & then soak in hot water for minutes. Roll/flatten bread squares, place cheese, then hot dog & roll up. Dip in the egg mixture & then roll in bread crumbs, pan fry until golden. Enter stick for corn-dog effect : )

Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast

Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast – 3-Ingredient

Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast Recipe - Eugenie Kitchen ~ The bacon is only an optional topping but this really looks good.