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Although i could NEVER pull this hair color off, she does, very well. Super pretty

Todays hair color: Magenta or fuchsia hair with matching eyebrows. Really great intense color. Rich purple to pink/red, but super saturated in color. Probably works best for darker haired people.

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How to color your hair blue without harsh chemicals. These are some fun easy ways to get blue hair. All of the dyes are semi permanent and will fade out over time. These techniques are safe and will not cause much damage to your hair.

strawberry pink. Wow I loooove this hair color!

Red hair colour it’s one of the fastest-fading colours you can dye your hair. Luckily it isn’t too hard to keep your red colour vibrant, but you do need to pay attention to how you’re treating your red hair.

Da dove cominciare? Dall'invidia per un volto cosi' bello ? Naa...una bella maledizione ed il problema e' risolto..No, i capelli, il problema e' farsi dire come ottenere quell colore squisitamente in tono con un vestitino che ho acquistato giusto ieri...Adoro avere i capelli abbinati ai vestiti!

I always try to recreate beachy waves.unfortunately my hair never quite turns out like this - it ends up more of a sexy bed head minus the sexy, photography, portrait, woman, black and white