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DIY Cupcake Holders

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Vintage Slinky Toy 1960s.-grew up in a home with the perfect stairs for this.

Vintage Slinky Toy up in a home with the perfect stairs for this. "Slinky, Slinky, what a wonderful toy, Slinky, Slinky fun for a girl or a boy".

Ja, ook weer een tijdje zo'n een rage geweest; een ringenceintuur.

Gold Circle Chain Belt --> Obtain in gold and silver to dress up a long shirt.

Toys From The 1960S | Vintage Lucite 1960s Toy Klackers Clackers

these are very hard to find! Vintage Lucite Toy Klackers Clackers Click Clacks Ker-Knockers Klik Klaks Gently Used Condition. Orbs are 1 INCHES.

El juego del pañuelo

El juego del pañuelo

Colorful mosaic tile benches at the beach in Benidorm, Spain.

Finalistas Premio Rosa Barba: Office of Architecture in Barcelona

Benidorm Promenade: West Beach Promenade is one of three beaches in Benidorm, Spain. The architects who designed this were partners Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Marti Gali. (via Around the World)

Mariano Medina (el hombre del tiempo)

Mariano Medina (el hombre del tiempo) Quan la tele era en blanc i negre

ma mère ne sortait jamais sans son "fichu" - 1960s womens style 1966-2-re-0063.jpg

Photo galleries of vintage women's fashion in the fifties, sixties, seventies eighties, nineties.