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Dayum Bann Teagan by ~Melii on deviantART. Alistair in the background haha, so funny and so accurate.

Dayum Bann Teagan by ~Melii on deviantART. Poor Alistair xD I love the background banter between Alistair and Leliana >>> this is exactly how it happened! There is just something about Bann Teagan!

I like this. I think someone else for alistair and oghren would be good

Inspired by 's Actor Meme I was looking around when I found the meme and said, "Hey, why don't I take a short break from my fancomic and fill this up Dr.

I needed this.. I'm so sorry Anders.

Last pinner wrote: "KAY THANKS FOR THE TEARS (anyone else think that a Romanced Anders would let Hawke just. go off on a possibly life-threatening quest? I like to think they are actually traveling together in he's just keeping hidden.