Todo tipo de cenefas y dibujos en marmol
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black and white photograph of the statue of liberty's head peeking out from behind drapes
Detail Marble Sculpture by Robert Ullmann
a black and white photo of a woman covered in fabric
24 close-ups at some of the best sculptures ever made
a close up of a statue of a person's feet with their hands on the ground
Eros and Psyche
a woman's hand resting on the arm of a statue
a bathroom with marble counter tops and gold faucets
Marbles and Stones - Since 1960
MGM - Marbles and Stones - Since 1960
an art nouveau style rug with black, gold and white designs on the borders
(#53) An Italian antique marbles inlaid table top, Roman late 16th/17th century
An Italian antique marbles inlaid table top, Roman, late 16th/17th century
an intricately decorated plate with leaves on it
Agra Pietra Dura
Exquisite Pietra Dura Inlay-work on Marble with Semi-precious Gems-stones, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
an intricately carved wall with flowers and leaves on it's side, in white
Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris
a lavish bouquet carved in marble
a vase with flowers and birds painted on the side of it in front of a black background
a colorful bird is flying through the air
in-layed stone. wearstler.
the hallway is decorated in gold and red with intricate designs on the walls, floors and ceiling
Rivera Collection | Marble Inlay Lobby Designs | Aalto®
marble shower, marble steam shower, inlay stone shower, decorative shower, marble shower wall