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Question worksheet for level students. Reading activity to fill in blanks in pairs, or students could be given flashcards in class in order to correctly find their 'partner' (with linking question or response).

Question Words

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Grammar Meets Conversation: Wh-questions (1) - Getting To Know You

Grammar Meets Conversation: Wh-questions - Getting To Know You worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers


Five exercises on WH - QUESTIONS. I hope you like it :) Questions (interrogative), Questions: WH questions (open-ended questions), Writing, fun activities &.

Wh- question words

students have to complete the questions with the correct question word Questions: WH questions (open-ended questions), Reading, Spelling, Writing, Elementary.

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Question words - Ficha interactiva de Inglés para Educación Secundaria ESO

A worksheet to practise Wh-questions. Students have to complete the questions with one of the question words in the list (some of them will be repeated).