valerie davide

valerie davide - color blocks that describe the major elements connected by light strategic painterly line work

Daily Paintworks - "Day 16 - Greyhound" by Kathleen Coy

Daily Paintworks - "Day 15 - Greyhound" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Kathleen Coy

Weimaraner Dog Art Print Ltd ed. Signed No.58 by paintmydog, £60.00

Weimaraner Dog Painting Print - Ltd ed. Signed dog print

Anthony Valentino Robinson: "Diva in Repose"

Anthony Valentino Robinson: "Diva in Repose". Difficult to gauge the size, but the mere title "Diva in Repose" combined with the lithe body, supermodel gams, and elegant nose reminds me of my Italian Greyhound grand puppy, Principessa Isabella!

Day #36 - Graphite on card by Lucy Wilson, New Zealand…

Artworks created by New Zealand based artist Lucy Wilson. Most of these pieces belong to a series of 'daily creation' projects such as the 100 Day Project ( and

Artodyssey: 10/04/11 - 17/04/11

"Pablo Maeso started as an abstract painter in the end of the in some galleries of "El born", in Barcelona.

Artodyssey: Pieter Pander

Pieter Pander "Every creature has its own 'portrait', its own expression and movement", he asserts.

Valerie Davide dog Spot-III

Check out these teddy bear eyes, Val's puppy Spot III - Valerie Davide♥🌸♥