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Polish artist Piotr Sokołowski creates colorful animals from intricately folded paper. I could call this work origami, but it is not like any origami I have

How to make 3D Origami Eagle part2 - YouTube

Model created and folded by Campean Petru Razvan. This is a origami tutorial on how to make Origami Eagle . This origami Eagle model is made from ar.

3dorigamiart the name pretty much says it all.  here's a blurb from there about page - Welcome to my website! My name is Jaxster, and I am an Artist that has devoted a great deal of my life to 3D Origami Art. My goal is to provide videos and links to other 3D Origami Artist. Along with tutorials on how to make 3D Origami.

This eagle was created by one of the Chinese refugees who came to America on the Golden Venure requesting asylum but ending up serving years in jail.