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mario Rodriguez
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✮ ANIME ART ✮ Anime Girl with Sword. The colours gliding each other is breathtaking.

En Garde!

The picture I'm using for a D&D character - a wood elf rogue/pirate.

Leon ;#

Book cover art by Jason Chan. Book: Spectyr (sequel to Geist) by Philippa Ballantine

El Fierbras

Ohhhh, this makes me think of Chae [Commission - Seika by Aerenwyn on…

sketches120415, Aberiu (Alex) on ArtStation at

by Aberiu (Alex) on ArtStation. Fantasy art, demon with hooves, horns, tail.

Girl Hunter by on @DeviantArt

"Girl Hunter" by Yuan Cui (Guesscui)

Ashley by Fredaugis

Cool Concept Art by Fred character char

The War Fairy by GeorgeLovesyArt on deviantART

spassundspiele: “The War Fairy – sci-fi character concept by George Lovesy ”

N7 Omega by muju on deviantART

Mass Effect - FemShep Omega by muju

Phantom - Pictures & Characters Art - Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 - Phantom // Armor is far too tight for low-fantasy (Red Sonja / Kull / Conan) and generally too Western for JRPGs. An enchanted, empty suit of armor might work however.