Sparkling Fashion: How to make Tutu dress/Princess frock lots of really cute ideas -- different details on this site

How to make a no sew tutu. Create a custom sized tutu with this easy no-sew ribbon tie tutu tutorial. This peacock inspired tutu is perfect for Halloween!

Marshmallow ballerinas- to simple and adorable not to save for potential future reference.

Ballerina Marshmallows Perfect for Parties Video Tutorial

So cute for a little girl birthday party or baby shower! * Make These Adorable Marshmallow Tutu Pops Using Cupcake Liners *

Você pode pedir para os convidados deixarem recadinhos em pequenos papéis e depois transformá-los em um lindo quadro como esse!

Guest "sign-in" for baby book or the dedication page of the ABC book created during the baby shower. Have guest sign the balloons and maybe add the words "Made for you.

Chic diaper cake at a brown and pink baby shower #brownpink #babyshower

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Chic diaper cake at a brown and pink baby shower or aqua and brown. add tiny toys and make one for every table as a centerpiece

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