Frases de vida

"Sadness is needed to know happiness, noise to appreciate the silence, and absence to value the presence.


subjunctive Handy intro for exigir; also YO (and subjunctive/commands) spelling change

Frida Kahlo.

Palabras de Amor y de Aliento ❤ I will learn stories to tell you, I will invent new words to say you I love you like noone.

Frases viajeras para que te inspires en tu próxima aventura. ¿No sabes dónde #viajar? Entonces visita y ve las nuestra, inspírate! #blog #viajes #frases #frase

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¿Y no será que en este mundo hay cada vez más gente y menos personas? #frases #citas

Isn't it that in this world there are more people than there are persons?