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Quem pratica atividade física regularmente sabe bem os benefícios do alongamento.Alongar o corpo envia sangue para os músculos e "destrava" as articulações, colocando-as em movimento.O alongamento também melhora a postura e facilita a execução do exercício.

Lateral Flexion with a Dowel Muscles Emphasized: External Obliques and Latissimus Dorsi Extend the spine and push the hips out to the side, while keeping the shoulders rotated outwardly. Don’t perform this stretch if.

estiramientos musculares laterales

Stretching is something not enough of us do, but its importance is critical. But it’s hard to see which muscle you’re stretching, because your skin is in the way of viewing your muscular structure underneath!

Muscles stretching! 34 images detail which muscles are stretched by which positions. I love this because I never know how to stretch my butt!

Disregarding your lifestyle – whether you are a party animal, chronic worker or a workout addict, you’ve probably heard by now just how important it was to stretch. And as truths go, this one is highly spot on.

These Mesmerizing Illustrations Will Help You Get the Best Stretch #stretching #pictures

36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching. Learn Which Muscles You Are Stretching via greatist: Choose the best stretches for you and learn how to do them correctly to achieve your goals while avoiding injury.