Mariana Aburto

Mariana Aburto

Mariana Aburto
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Runner crunch

Start on your back with your elbows resting on the floor at a angle. With your core engaged, roll up to almost sitting while bringing your right knee up to meet your left elbow. It should feel a little like running. With control, straighten

30 días es lo que necesitas para que luzca super sexy.

While many people choose to go down the road of gym membership, special equipment and supplements, there are also those who like to keep it simple – eat less, but healthy and perform bodyweight exercises at the comfort of their home. By doing these 5 exer

5 Exercises to Work Off Your Waist

These ab exercises from Tracy Anderson can help whittle your waist by targeting your transverse abdominis, the deep core muscle that wraps around the entire belly.