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Original pinner wrote: We made these one year to put in the Church Christmas Bags for the children. They looked so cute sticking out the top. Add a hanger and it can be an ornament.

#frases @Luna Garcia

Translation: when life gives you lemons, order some salt and tequila! More

Estábamos, estamos, estaremos juntos A pedazos, a ratos, a párpados, a sueños #Benedetti

Juntos a pedazos // Habla Española solo picanio. (pretty sure my spelling of the words isn't correct.hopefully understandable though!

No ando despeinada sino que mis cabellos tienen libertad de expresion, frases en español

Translate: my hair is not messy but it has freedom of expression.LOL just like my baby's hair

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Fue, es y será un placer coincidir en esta vida contigo - It was, is and will be a pleasure to coincide in this life with you.