Mòbil de fulles seques. Premsar les fules entre papers de diari perquè quedin planes.

Hanging Leaves

Leaves dipped in wax to preserve color. I would like this hanging over my kitchen window this fall. -- beautiful idea for a mobile or general hanging decoration, would be better with resin than wax IMO

Pintant arbres de tardor

Fall Tree Craft Using a Dish Brush

Leaf Prints - Fall Craft for Kids

Fall Leaf Prints

Mòbil de tardor plastificant diverses fulles / Autumn Leaf Sun-Catcher

Last of the Autumn Leaves

Last of the Autumn Leaves: Leaf mobiles/sun catchers (project page also shows some awesome suncatchers) This is just the idea I had.

Mòbil natural.

The colors and dimensions in this leaf and nut wind-catcher-mobile are so fun. Lovely autumn crafts for April holidays!


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Beautiful autumn art idea :: leaf craft for kids

Autumn art from the garden classroom