A simple but very effective cake, using chocolate buttons to make flowers. To see more of our cakes please visit http://www.cakebysadiesmith.co.uk/

Chocolate Flower Cake made with kit kats and candy discs for the flowers---> brilliant idea to use the discs for the flowers. Kit Kats look chunky - nice, but Cadbury's fingers could give a softer look as an alternative.

Tarta de chocolate

Malted Milk Ball Chocolate Cake -- had to post it. :) Don't know how you would cut it.but sounds completely decadent for malted milk ball fans.

Red Opera Cake and oh so many more beautiful pastries to try!  Also has a Sacher Tort recipe.

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The 'Astrid' - The layers are as follows: White chocolate brownie Pistachio sand, pop-rock crunch Raspberry cream Raspberry jelly Pistachio dacquoise Vanil...

"The Astrid" White chocolate brownie Pistachio Sand Pistachio crunchy surprise Raspberry crémeux Raspberry Jelly Pistachio dacquoise Vanilla creme brulee White Chocolate Mousse White Chocolate Glaze

Lookie what i see

Master patissier and chocolatier William Curley shares this recipe for a citrus slice from his latest book, Patisserie.

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Cupcake Piping Perfection Tutorial: Ever wonder how pro bakers achieve all those pretty icing designs? Here's the answer.

Decorated Swiss Roll | Step by step instruction | নকশী সুইস রোল | Copyright © With A Spin

A Decorated Swiss Roll

Wilton hace fácil la experiencia de decorar postres con malvaviscos al proveer inspiración, instrucción y las herramientas necesarias para obtener una experiencia excepcional! Este...

Dazzling Sprinkled Marshmallow Pops - These candy-coated marshmallow pops offer an impressive array of textures and color, thanks to assorted Wilton Sprinkles!