Turnabout. Three micro-community projects for lighthouses of the Egadi Islands, Badessi, Piana & Pradella –––––– Politecnico di Milano Sofia Badessi, Silvia Piana and Michela Pradella Master Thesis 2016 Professor : Arnaldo Arnaldi ...

Reimagined Factory, Joanne Chen –––––– The Bartlett School of Architecture Joanne Chen Unit 17 Professors : Niall McLaughlin, Michiko Sumi & Yeoryia Man.

Amazing rendered section perspective

Marc Holt, new central cap, image courtesy University of Oregon A couple times a year, architecture students at local schools like PSU and U of O give the public the chance to view their enlightened daydreaming, through open studio.

Paisagismo no Campus Corporativo Coyoacán,© Frank Lynen

Galeria de Paisagismo no Campus Corporativo Coyoacán / DLC Arquitectos + Colonnier y Asociados - 6