Ideas para travesuras de nuestra elfa o duende de navidad.
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an elf is sitting in a gift box on the stair rail with her hand up to her head
50 ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Ideas That’ll Make You Laugh Or At Least Admire People’s Creativity
the grinch door decoration is hanging on the front door with two elfs behind it
Grinch night elf idea
there is a bathroom decorated with the characters of dr seuss and cat in the hat
an elf is sitting on the counter next to a roll of toilet paper and a christmas tree
40 Times People Took ‘Elf On The Shelf’ To Another Level And Shared The Ideas In This Facebook Group
an elf vacuum cleaning the floor in front of a couch
Elf on the shelf
an elf laying on the floor next to a computer mouse and sticker that says help i'm flat
christmas lights hanging from the ceiling with elf on ladder holding an item in front of them
Adventures with Sally
an elf with a toothbrush in his hand is standing next to a door way
Hur lång är en Nisse?
a elf is in the bathtub playing with toilet paper and shark toys on the floor
an elf is sitting on top of the stairs with a sign in front of him
Elf on the Shelf Ideas
three elf dolls hanging on a wire rack in front of a door with a sign that says it's christmas
an open refrigerator with christmas ornaments hanging from it
an elf's christmas card in a box with the message we're back