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Buer: demon of the second class, presiding over hell; he is formed like a star or wheel with 5 rays and moves by rolling.He teaches philosophy, logic and the virtues of medicinal herbs. (No idea why his teachings would be considered demonic?

Appearing in the Lesser Key of Solomon as the 35th demon listed, Marchocias is…

Marchosias is a powerful Great Marquis of Jinnestan, commanding thirty legions of jinn. He is a strong and excellent fighter and very reliable to the conjurer, giving true answers to all questions. Marchosias hopes to enter Jannah.

51. Balam

72 Demons: BALAM He is fearful and powerful King, he comes with three heads…

Brass by kerembeyit.@DeviantArt_ Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings…

Brass by kerembeyit. Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / kerembeyit Well, as promised, a new dragon for each week:) Here's the second of the series, The Brass Dragon.

Danzig - Discografias MEGA

Official Danzig vinyl sticker measuring approx x featuring artwork from their 2010 ninth studio album Deth Red Sabaoth Officially Licensed