Muy útil para mantener el orden y a la mano las cosas.

Organize cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink with built in drawer organizers. Can also use same idea with beauty supplies in the bathroom. I like this drawer cause it's more childproof than cupboards.

cocina adaptada para el guardar las cosas del fregadero y al lado izquierdo para arrojar los desperdicios sobrantes de las comidas.

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The right way to handle kitchen waste: Hide it in a rollout base cabinet within one step of the sink, or no more than two steps away if its in an opposing island. Place an additional recycling bin on the rollout, or multiple bins on a second unit nea

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This HDB apartment is an excellent example of how subtle mix and match can be. What is interesting about the interior is that the designer opts for more modern flooring materials in the dining room, such as tiles, but still sticks to parquet in.

cocina compacta con ventana arriba

Over forty modern kitchen design ideas. The home kitchen needs to be modern, spacious and welcoming. Learn the secrets of these modern kitchen design ideas.

Ideas cocinas pequeñas


Love this hidden microwave/appliance center. Different cabinets of course, but great way to get the micro out of the open and not above the stove.

7 fotos de decoración de cocinas pequeñas y alargadas

7 fotos de decoración de cocinas pequeñas y alargadas

CS Cavity Sliders in kitchen

Album photos - CS Cavity Sliders - CS Cavity Sliders manufactures internal cavity sliding doors and door systems. We also offer a selection of related sliding door products including aluminium doors and door tracks.

Closet de blancos

I never thought of this. GREAT place to put a utility closet. Cleaning storage in laundry room. Love this utility closet for the vacuum and other cleaning supplies for the mudroom.