Los animales bebes más tiernos: fotografías que te harán suspirar | Fotografía

Baby fur seal (© Rex Features) They are found on the Galapagos Islands and are extremely shy. So sweet

Este chiquitín con sweater nuevo. | 23 Imágenes que confirman que los animales son lo más tierno del planeta

a mouse in a sweater. i repeat, a mouse in a sweater. This is to cute!<<<<<<<this is NOT a MOUSE in a sweater. Correction, this is a Chinese hamster in a sweater. And it is not too cute. It is JUST.

Samos, Grecia #imagenes #paisajes #lugares

Top 10 Greek Islands you should visit in Greece - Samos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea. The Dream Vacation.


LOVE and miss chi town I love public parks in the winter. So pretty when they get all decorated up. Here is Watertower Place, Chicago, Illinois