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:). How long does it take to remove Blaine's hair gel? LOL

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Quinn and Puck #100

well, well looks like it's back to the upper east side for Mr. Archibald i guess he's the new lonely boy in town.xoxo Gossip Girl<<< another reason why I love Quinn

We can learn to love again.

Quinn and Puck. I'm so glad that they ended up with each other in the end. although I must admit. In my mind in the future Puck and Rachel end up together.

Wise words from Puck. I miss Rory!

DONT DIE-the rules of dodgeball. ~ From '' Glee (is the strength of the whole world) '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

Blaine and ok

The way he says "okay" in each of these scenes is near the top of my list of very favorite Blaine things.and that's a very long list, let me tell you.