"Color Me" Gift Wrap for Kids

Great idea as the kids wait for their turn to open their gift! - "Color Me" Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids - wrap a gift with plain white paper, and attach crayons instead of a bow. Stamp the words color me, and let your kid decorate their own gift.

Button and elastic

Button and elastic. I like the idea of fabric covered buttons with the elastic you use in sewing. Neat idea for small gift packages!

Originales Bolsas para souvenirs de fiestas!!! utilizando blondas de papel que son super económicas

Treat bags-made with scrapbook paper and doilies. Good cheap idea for craft fair bags

Barnyard themed party favor bags!

Chicken Wrapping

kids parties ~ Barnyard themed party favor bags or just for a fun gift!

dip-dyed treat bags.

Dip Dyed Gift Wrapping- Try it with some muslin bags for an easy and pretty valentine gift.

Give your Valentine's Day gift in a stenciled muslin gift bag.

Stenciled Valentine Gift Bags

Stenciled Valentine Gift Bags These decorated muslin bags are just right for wrapping treats for friends, loved ones, or your kid’s classmates.

Micky and Minnie party- Favor bag


Mickey pants favor bag - Denison Why have none of your children ever had a Mickey party?

Interactive Hot Wheels Gift Wrap for Kids

Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids: Use a paper road for your ribbon and a little car for your bow.