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The World’s Largest Shopping Mall Dubai with Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

One of the largest tanks in the world! The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo inside Dubai Mall (the world’s largest shopping mall), developed and operated by Oceanis Australia Group. The marine animals, among these are .

Burj Khalifa ("Khalifa Tower"), known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest man-made structure in the world, standing at m ft).

Largest Water Foundation in the world at Dubai Mall all the layers of buildings in this skyline wow me

"Dubai Fountain:The Best and Most Beautiful Dancing Fountain in World". The Dubai Fountain is the center piece of Downtown Burj Dubai located at the front of Burj Dubai. The Dubai fountain is one of the world’s tallest fountains.

Dubai Miracle Garden, 45 million flowers in the desert. 275 m circled area next to a giant roundabout. Astrogeographic position: in the Mercury signs self-protective earth sign Virgo sign of gardening, parks, protection of nature, spiritual entities of plants + air sign Gemini the "green sign", sign of assimilation, breathing, road crossings, pathways (roudabouts) communication. learning, technology. Same constellation as the greenpeace headquarters in amsterdam. FL 3.

tsū: Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai, UAE World’s biggest natural flower garden,” this sq. foot garden contains over 45 million flowers, and is maintained through drip irrigation and the recycling of waste water.

Chamarel, isla Mauricio

Chamarel, isla Mauricio

Chamarel | Mauritius Island

Mauritius: Chamarel or Coloured earths this natural phenomenon is due to decomposed basalt gullies. The hot and humid climates helps in the decomposition of the basalt into clay.

Mauritius Island

The island nation of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, is a beautiful nation with some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in the world. When you plan your holidays to Mauritius , you will find there is…Read more →