Maria Mejias Ledesma

Maria Mejias Ledesma

Maria Mejias Ledesma
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unalome lotus - Unalome meaning : enlightenment Buddha Bless You.

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Some lotus unalome work for a doll of a client! I seriously had a blast trying to incorporate the lotus into the symbol thx for contacting me with this request UPDATE: Will be making these a temporary tattoo pack!

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✨Some more lotus Unalome work! Been getting tons and tons of emails from people wanting to use my other designs as tattoos, so I thought I'd throw some new ones out there! Send me photos if you get it inked!

top row second from left and right side second from top but with a longer top and more dots

unalome lotus - Google Search                              …

3 more unalomes I'd like to tattoo if anyone is keen dm me

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bhanglordzz: ““Symbols derived from ancient Greek magickal kharakteres (characters). Examples of kharakteres may be found within the Greco-Egyptian magickal papyri, astrological symbolism, alchemical.

Zibu Angelic Symbols

Angelic Symbols for Tats (and other small symbols/tattoos): Mais

Resultado de imagen de pisces constellation

Pisces constellation tattoo Pisces constellation I want this between the ta tas

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Unalome-small tattoo on side of hand

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Wiccan and Pagan symbols (triple goddess)