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an image of a poster with the words mars on it
Mars NASA poster design
the shelves are decorated with art and decorative items
Trend Alert: 1980s Memphis Design
On the Creative Market Blog - Trend Alert: 1980s Memphis Design
a yellow and white poster with a man in the middle of it's letter b
Minimalisms by Riccardo Guasco, via Behance
three paintings with different colors and shapes on the wall, each one has an abstract design
curated contemporary art /// esther stewart
Esther Stewart...
an image of three different colored pencils in the shape of two rectangles
Sigrid Calon, Visual Artist - Sight Unseen
Sigrid Calon
three framed art pieces sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor in front of a white wall
Esther Stewart, North Melbourne
studio visit: esther stewart
an abstract piece of art that looks like it is made out of different colors and shapes
Frank Stella | Brzozdowce I (1973) | Artsy
Frank Stella, Brzozdowce I, 1973
a painting of a table with dishes and utensils on it
John Brack, The Breakfast Table, 1958
a black shirt with the words, i need more space and red lettering on it
The Science of Reality
I know this wasn't meant to be a DW reference, but all I thought was "hey, who turned out the lights?"
a woman with her mouth open standing in front of an image of mountains and water
Great Escape
I thought this was an interesting way to represent the connection between humans and nature. I liked the impression given by this abstract style.
three matches boxes with different designs on them
Blog over mode, lifestyle en meer - Kim Welling
Instant comfort pocket boxes with 3D illustrations
an illustration of a woman with her eyes closed
Kato by Nino Kvachadze, via Behance
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of paper
Play Optics by Lily Clark | Trendland... - a grouped images picture
Play Optics by Lily Clark | Trendland
four wooden coasters with different colors and shapes on them, one is green, the other is pink
Color Collective
great colour palette
two black and yellow triangles on a white background
Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin.
an abstract black and yellow poster with triangles on the bottom, in front of a spotlight
The Triangle Experiment
The Triangle Experiment by Minga, via Behance
an illustration of a fish with the number eight on it's back end in red and blue
Ryo Takemasa
Ryo Takemasa
an abstract pattern with red, black and blue triangles
Designer Ham's Store | Society6
Retrospect, Triangle Duo, No. 04 Art Print
two pictures, one with a woman's face peeking out from behind a blue frame
6 Ideas for Updating Thrift Store Art
5 Ways to Update Thrift Store Art
a woman's face with long hair in blue and orange colors on an orange background
Nariz de tangerinaTangerine nose Bernardo Carvalho
a woman laying on the ground next to a child with her arm around her neck
[coraçãodemãe] Bernardo Carvalho
a red glass with a black straw in it on a gray background and the bottom half is empty
Flat drink anyone?
a woman with her hand up to the side, in front of a green background