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Galería: 12 Animales víctimas de experimentos coloridos de la madre naturaleza

The Violet Snail is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and eastern Tasmania! He does not go in my bugs board because snails are mollusks and more closely related to the nautilus or octupus than any insect

SandRamirez contra el maltrato animal. • LOS EXPERIMENTOS CON ANIMALES SE DISPARAN.

Animal Terrorists are paid well to commit these atrocities. Anyone capable of this is an Animal Abuser.

Entramos al mayor centro de experimentación con monos en Europa

Primates Abused at Europe’s Largest Monkey Testing Laboratory

Frases divertidas|frases chistosas

I have so many things to say, if I shut myself up subtitles start to appear

Fotos de animales con frases divertidas

Infer meaning of "rimel" If students want to know how to say make-up, provide noun and verb--ask them why it is reflexive