Papua New Guinea - Mendi girl, Tente village, Southern Highlands. Image from the publication Man As Art: New Guinea.

Arne Jacobsen, Room 606. Royal Hotel, SAS House (1955-1960), Copenhagen, Denmark The curtains form a pleated counterpart to the valance above the window wall and complete Jacobsen's composition of horizontal bands. A grey carpet specked with knots of pink and white wool creates an animated plane of shifting colour.

Room 606 at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (also known as SAS Royal Hotel) Copenhagen, Denmark with the original designs of Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, created especially for the hotel,

Martin Parr's iconic photographs depict classic British scenes. In his work he captures a fleeting moment, making it eternal. Sophie Hulme's charms take the same approach, taking objects which are everyday, and seemingly disposable, and making them into keepsakes, and memory markers.

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Le Bon Marché - Martin Parr @ Janvier -

Yankee pigeons bring cooler than coo to Paris at the Brooklyn Mania exhibit at the Bon Marché department store, FREE entry though 17 October

Charles Eames behind Pablo Picasso’s eyes

Ingeborg Morath :: Charles Eames posing with a Book ‘Mask’ of Picasso’s Eyes, 1959 more [+] by this photographer

Marisol in studio; Photographed by John Rawlings

* MARISOL sculptor, in her studio with her sculptures 1951 Maria Sol Escobar dit Marisol - photo John Rawlings

lizica codreanu

Constantin Brancusi (Romania 1876 - France costume designed for Eric Satie's ballet "Gymnopedies," Modeled by Lizica Codreanu (b. a Romanian dancer and member of Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, in Brancusi's studio.