Diseño gráfico Japones

Diseño gráfico Japones

Another simplistic style with typography hierarchy that I enjoy // Japanese Book Cover: Religion? 14 year-old wisdom.

Design Squish Blog: ART FORMS OF NATURE BY ERNST HAECKEL - organic, botanic illustration, drawing, sustainable lifestyle, do-it-yourself, creative environmental options, craft, organics, gardening, planting, flower pots, reusing, old and vintage, nature, environmental news, recycling tips, brooklyn, ditmas park,

Cicadas Insect Print - Insectes - Plate 1 by Seguy, Emile-Alain - 1924

Penguin Books es una de las editoriales mas importantes a nivel mundial quienes además de tener muy buenos contenidos siempre se han preocupado bastante por sus portadas. En este post les c…

Penguin Books ilustrado

Booktopia has The Man in the High Castle, Penguin Modern Classics by Philip K. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Man in the High Castle online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Heat wave, Ken Price x Bukowski

chancepress: “ Ken Price, from Heat Wave (published by Black Sparrow Graphic Arts in the mid One of my favorite book productions of all time, and I just sold my personal copy tonight. Who knows why - I had it for awhile, and now I don’t.

Disturbing Vintage Medical Illustrations Richard-Barnett 14

Crucial Interventions: An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles & Practice of Nineteenth-Century Surgery (Richard Barnett, Thames & Hudson,

Ernst Haeckel costeros decoración fantasía mar vida arte

Ernst Haeckel Coastal Decor Fantasy Sea Life Art Print, Natural History Nautical Wall Decor Two Jellyfish No.