plant maze: plants grow toward the light

Observe how a plant grows towards the direction of light in a shoe box plant maze- fun science project for my kiddos

Growing Plants bulletin board

Spring and flower science bulletin board idea: Love this growing plants display - very creative! Could do one main flower (sunflower) stem out of a pool noodle and students' art along with it- very cool idea.

idée de rangement

Magazine display idea for the classroom library! Put extension rod in window and put magazines in page protectors hanging from binder clips.

"Make Five" a game about mineral chemical formulas

Free minerals game: A card/dice game. Players roll three dice marked with element symbols. If they roll the elements required to make one of the minerals, they pick up the card. First player to pick up five cards wins.

Jardinería con niños: ideas prácticas y sencillas

Manualidades originales: ¡jardinería con los niños

Earth Day - Grass Head Guys - like chia pet for kids.I did this for the kids in Safekey. We all had a blast making them and watching the hair grow.

Actividades para Educación Infantil: Cuaderno de campo (SeMaNa VeRdE)

Actividades para Educación Infantil: Cuaderno de campo (SeMaNa VeRdE)


DIY Planters--Recycle-Reuse// milk or juice cartons. Perfect for a small herb garden.

No te pierdas este vídeo en el que te muestran el paso a paso completo. ¿Qué te parece?

Cómo hacer semilleros con el cartón del papel higiénico

Jardinería para niños

Jardineria para ninos / Gardening for Children (Hardcover)