La charranca.

Supplies needed: chalk or sidewalk paint, stones/bottlecaps or bean bags. Playing hopscotch is easy. First, make the paint to create your hopscotch grid.

90s Toys | List of Nostalgia-Inducing Toys from the 1990s (Page 5)-----My hubby still has his pogs. They are all stacked nicely in a medicine bottle. :)

These are pogs. You had this cool tube to keep them in, putting them away really taught us patience. And you had this really big thick pog called a slammer. So much fun.

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I LOVED These Things! (not sure what they are called) Toys # Childhood Memories - i remember the original clackers that were made with glass balls and twine/heavy string

I loved playing this game!

Remember playing this water game called Aquaplay? It was fun to try & get those rings onto the posts using puffs of water.

Les madeleines de la frangine !!

Leonora Talking Doll by Lili Ledy Mexico - 2 This is Leonora's mini-record player, similar to Sebino's from Italy. Put a mini-record on the turnable and close it. There is a battery that powers the mini-record player.

The Hickey!!!  Just so you know, I never had one...for real! parents would have killed me!!!  BUT, I knew plenty of girls who thought this was cool.  They would try to cover it up with what was the point??

I remember: confession many will admit to the 'Hickey'? It took alot of makeup or scarves to hide these. We thought it was cool. Now it seems alot like "branding".

La main collante

raise your hand if you had a sticky hand! they left grease-like stains on every surface, but were so much fun to throw at things.


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