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No andes delante de mí, quizás no te siga. No andes detrás de mí, quizás no te guíe. Anda a mi lado. Sé mi amigo....
Carmen Valero
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Another part of the alchemy lessons I am giving on deviant art. This shows you all the beautiful symbols I have modified. These aren't the same as the symbols many of you may have come to love...

For those of you who want to understand more about alchemy and about how you can create bread from plants. This explains how my plant to bread transmutation circle works so you too may work your wa.

High Degree Symbols From the book The Freemason by Eugen Lennhoff published 1932

High Degree Symbols From The Book The Freemason By Eugen Lennhoff Published 1932 Poster Print x