Try these new ideas for ramping up your leaf prints this #autumn!

Leaf Rubbing Art & Science Activity

The Art & Science of Leaf Rubbing for Kids - Try a few new ideas for making leaf prints and show kids some of the science as you create!

Actividades para Educación Infantil: EXPERIMENTO: ruedas para mezclar colores

Wow for the mini scientist. How to make your own colour spy glass out of card stock and coloured cellophane. I love this idea to teach colours. Great for light box play as well.

Snego building blocks are made using salvaged wood and natural dyes

Snego blocks are made from salvaged wood and natural dyes

Rincón de una maestra: Dado de las emociones EL MONSTRUO DE COLORES

Rincón de una maestra: Dado de las emociones EL MONSTRUO DE COLORES

This is a slotted building toy made from cardboard circles. The creator says they are great for taking to a restaurant because they can be carried flat - but when put together they make a real structure. Something for kids to do while they wait.

6 Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Restaurant

Reciclando tubos de papel higiénico

Todo tipo de ideas para reciclar rollos de papel con creatividad

Joc de peces de cartró per fer escultures

Meaningful Mama: Cardboard Stackers A neat way to use up all of those moving boxes stacked up in the basement!

Cintande pintor + pintura de dedos. Retirar la cinta antes de q seque

Toddler Art Lay masking tape on some canvases, and let your toddler go to town with colorful paint. When you strip off the tape, you'll have a lasting piece of art celebrating your toddler's creativity!