Voice Levels--Cute. Maybe not great for middle schoolers but I may use it anyway.

This voice levels poster is used in most preschools during my placesment, I think it is an effective way for teachers to control the voices in the kinder. Child also remember the colors and related voice levels that they should use inside and outside.

FES blog - Growth Mindset anchor chart in my classroom (inspired by Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom). Based on things I've heard my kids say… WOW. This is AMAZING!

Great chart for developing self-esteem in the classroom. A damaged self-esteem can wreck your career and harm your relationships. You can turn your life around by working on your self-esteem, and this guide will give you all the resources you need.

50+ Frases en inglés para que te luzcas en cualquier conversación

50+ Frases en inglés para que te luzcas en cualquier conversación

@mabelvillaescus: Rueda de resolución de problemas. Vía @lapsicogoloteca #TuitOrienta #Oriéntate

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Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

El proceso de escritura

Chevron Design Writing Resource Spanish

Writing Process Pencils from the Chevron Design Writing Resource in Spanish. All my TPT products are available in custom colors, designs, and Spanish.

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Palabras “bonitas”

Positive Spanish words: I loved having a chart like this up. The kids referred to it all the time!

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking

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