jordi labanda illustration.

"Barcelona" BY Jordi Labanda. "Illustration by Jordi Labanda, with Gaudí's Sagrada Familia in the background, Barcelona.

Jordi Labanda

Collaboration with Vogue Japan Magazine. Jordi Labanda prepares monthly a new illustration for "My Bag Affair" section.

Jordi Labanda /Marie Claire

Jordi Labanda Spanish fashion and editorial illustrator who sells art prints and has a stationary product line. His famous illustrations are colorful and glamorous

Jordi Labanda

week Eduardo illustrators name: Jordi Labanda (Uruguay) material: gouache description: I like the way Labanda creates a whole mood and narrative in its illustrations, I also think he generates a certain fashion attitude with his characters

Jordi Labanda - Page 5

My house burned down because I had left some scented candles lit. The place was totally destroyed, but the fire smelled so good.