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Q:What are the + & - of being the daughter of the world’s premier actress? A: Advantages are that I have a wonderful mother, a great source of wisdom & advice. A great model in terms of balancing life and career. She has taught me about keeping what really matters, sacred & important. The disadvantages are quite obvious. It’s the pressure of following in her footsteps, which is not possible. That’s not really a goal of mine to have the career that she has. I don’t think that that’s…

Meryl & daughter Mamie Gummer, "Ricki and the Flash" The film I've Most enjoyed for ages! Loved loved loved it!

With Grace

Meryl Streep & daughter Grace Gummer attend the premiere of ‘Suffragette’ on October 2015 in Beverly Hills

Meryl Streep with Barack Obama, at the White House (2011).

”I thought…I wish my mother and father were alive. I really did, because they are the two people on Earth who would have loved to see this more than anybody.” Meryl with President Obama at the White House.