maik perrison davies

maik perrison davies

maik perrison davies
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If my enemy escapes my hidden base in one of my aircraft, or I suddenly find my base under attack by a few dozen ships, I will not send out equal strength to stop them, but will deploy every ship and surface to air attack craft I have, while summoning reinforcements from neighboring bases.

Future like girls in robot outfits. and usually, if the mind is not interested, the art will not be as good.

Archer, by Ken Barthelmey. [Can't quite decide if Serena would pick up a compound bow. Could be cool, even if she is mostly used to traditional archery]

(Archer, by Ken Barthelmey.) I really like the mist surrounding the character on this the stance and posture also shows that this person seems ready to attack with their bow.

#Concept #Art for .DECIMAL[] A upcoming real-time strategy game

Decimal is an in-development indie game from Orb Interactive. On the one hand, it's a MOBA game (ala League of Legends, DOTA).