"22 fotografías sobrecogedoras sobre el trabajo infantil en el mundo que todos deberíamos ver" - Autor: Steve McCurry

This pin is a picture of a young boy in Bangladesh. Child labor is a big issue in Bangladesh. 215 million children are involved in child labor. These children do not have access to education because they work all day.

Trabalho infantil em Bangladesh.    Fotografia: Steve McCurry.

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Trabalho infantii no Afeganistão.  Fotografia: Steve McCurry.

Revolting "Child labor in Kandahar, Afghanistan" - This is so revolting to see this young boy and probably others boys in this grotto in the dirt. I'm sure they have no salary or very few for work as slave in these grottoes, by Steve McCurry

Trabalho infantil na Índia.    Fotografia: Steve McCurry.

Trabalho infantil na Índia. Fotografia: Steve McCurry.