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Ideas para combinar los colores de las sombras para maquillaje de ojos Foundation, Ups, 80s, Perawatan Kulit, All Things Beauty, Kropp, Style, Maquillaje, The Face
Paleta de colores archivos • Maquillarse los ojos
Ideas para combinar los colores de las sombras para maquillaje de ojos
the center of an orange and yellow flower
dEc design E casa
summer flowers dEc design E casa
the color scheme is green, purple and white with an image of rocks in it
crystalized hues
a small bird sitting in the grass with color swatches on it's sides
Natures Color Combos - Stitch11
Baby Bird Color Combo
Complementary colors Mint Green, Color Palette Yellow, Complementary Colors, Purple Color Palettes
Complementary colors
four color wheel diagrams showing the different colors
Split Complementary Colors
Split Complementary Colors
an orange flower sitting on top of a blue wooden bench with the words, be joyful in everything
complementary colors, orange CA poppy on blue wood
a piece of art that looks like a grapefruit cut in half with yellow and purple squares around it
andstæðir litir fjólu gult
I chose this picture because it exemplifies complimentary colors. Purple and yellow are complimentary colors. The background shows how complementary colors can be mixed to desaturate each other, and create grays. I thought that this picture was a good example of the concepts conveyed in the videos.
a bowl of oatmeal with granola and orange juice
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breakfast brights
there is a color scheme with macaroons in the box and on the napkin
Macaroon #patternpod #patternpodcolor #color #colorpalettes
Lovely Lanterns #patternpod #patternpodcolor #color #colorpalettes
Lovely Lanterns #patternpod #patternpodcolor #color #colorpalettes
bold and beautiful
Gold On The Ceiling: bold and beautiful
bold and beautiful
a pink building with green shutters and windows
color view | for all who ♥ color
color view
#patternpod #color #colorful #bright #bowls Happiness, Color Combinations
#patternpod #color #colorful #bright #bowls