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two dandelions in front of a blue background
The blurred edges of the water colored blue and orange create a soft, whimsical feeling in this work.
a pink and red painting with hearts on it's center, surrounded by smaller hearts
Pretty in Pink by Danita Clark
an art work with many colors and designs
Diane Pick-Ross's favorites
mandala art
the word dream is painted on top of a blue and white moon with stars around it
ElspethMcLean - Etsy Canada
Dream mandala by Elspeth McLean #crescentmoon #moon #moonphase #dream #star #mandala #elspethmclean
a painting with the word peace written in white on top of a blue and green circle
ElspethMcLean - Etsy Canada
PEACE mandala by Elspeth McLean #peace #mandala #etsy #elspethmclean #orb #cirlces #dots
a painting with the word love on it in white and purple colors, surrounded by circles
ElspethMcLean - Etsy Canada
puntillismo, point to point, dot art
there are many different types of buttons on the table with words above them that say, pink, blue, green, purple, and black
Set of 4 Custom Dot Painted Stemless Wine Glasses | Etsy
Custom Confetti Dot Painted Glasses Color Options
coloring pages with the word love written in black ink on them and colored pencils next to it
Progress | Hello Angel Creative via Flickr
a card with an artistic design on it and a red envelope in the back ground
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