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Percy and Annabeth

In the first one, Percy looks so excited. You can just hear him saying, "c'mon, let's go kick some butt". In the second picture, Percy looks more serious because he knows it's not a game anymore

Book 4: Balance

Who thinks Zuko's daughter (on the left, second picture down, sitting next to Zuko) looks like a certain knife-throwing gloomy girl?

OMG finale book 4 revealed sneak peak

finale book 4 revealed sneak peak if this is mako to a new avatar then Korra died way too young and he has his scar back, maybe this isn't mako;

Legend of Korra

amon asami asami sato avatar: the last airbender black hair blue eyes bolin brother brothers brown hair frown glaring green eyes hair wrap highres hood korra legend of korra mako mask multiple boys multiple girls mygrapefruit pabu parody persona pers

Inside the Argo II

Inside the Argo II --previous pinner said "why aren't Percy and Annabeth sleeping in the same room?" my answer, "'Cause A) Coach Hedge would NEVER allow that. And B) It would be a little awkward. And C) Leo would name our kid Leo Jr.