Bastilla para pantalones de mezclilla/ Tutorial - Hemming Jeans - a quilters technique

Sewing Tutorial - Hemming Jeans - a quilters technique. Clever trick for bulky seams.

La Diosa Haby: Tutorial: Cómo coser bies

The Haby Goddess: Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding; right side of your bias is placed against the wrong side of your fabric

Siete formas de coser un elástico (vídeo)

7 ways to attach elastic- video tutorial. Includes tips for using elastic thread for shirring and to add extra stretch when sewing elastic casings.

Ajuste de tensión de hilo en máquina de coser.

Ray-Way Sewing Tips, by Ray and Jenny Jardine Adjusting bobbin tension. This usually fixes that nasty tangled mess of threads under the fabric.

Dobladillo pantalones

How to hem pants - Step-by-step instructions for clothing alterations. Always use the machine blind stitch, it's great

Colocación de #Manta - no hay nada mejor que una manta con un borde de satén!

APS: mitered corner -- Attaching Satin Blanket Binding - I ALWAYS use satin binding on baby blankets, time after time mother's tell me how much their child loves to rub and touch the satin.

Truco para costura invisible con máquina de coser

'invisible' hemming trick (with sewing machine) Pinner Cathy Green says: Make your stitch width even narrower so the zigzag is grabbing just barely a few threads of the facing fabric and it really will be invisible.

Truco cremallera

I think if someone in Russia truly wanted to hack the elections, they should have asked one of these unbelievably talented Ukrainian ladies that post sewing patterns

Tutoriales de coser ojales gratuito

buttonhole tutorial - may need this one day. have never made a button hole as of yet. ADH Note: This is my buttonhole foot! Yay for pictorial directions! by morgan

Diferentes formas de coser cinta ondulina

How to Sew Decorative "Floating" Rickrack Trim and Insertion

Floating Rickrack Sewing Technique This is the most beautiful binding I have ever seen. I would use blind hem to attach or run crochet cotton through to make it more decorative.

una vez que está todo fijado para arriba se va a coser hasta el pliegue

How to Sew Bias Tape {A Tutorial

The right way to sew on bias tape. It also has a tutorial on how to sew bias tape around corners.

Curso basico costura ropa mujer costura patrones

CURSO BASICO DE COSTURA - Confección Ropa Mujer

Cómo coser telas elásticas punto jersey, licra con máquina casera, aguja de punta de bola y prensatelas de sobrehilado

Cómo coser telas elásticas punto jersey, licra con máquina casera, aguja de punta de bola y prensatelas de sobrehilado