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abstract artwork in turquoises and greens with black art marks on top and text that reads: Asemic Writing, The coolest writing you can't read Writing On Paintings, Mark Making Techniques Mixed Media, Symbols In Art, Text In Art, Asemic Writing Tutorial, Calligraphy Art Ideas, Asemic Writing Art, Mark Making Ideas, Mark Making Art
Asemic Writing
Learn about the history and ideas behind asemic writing - such a cool cross between art and writing, delving into the subconscious.
an abstract painting of a cathedral with trees and buildings in the background, on a piece of paper
King's College Cambridge - Mixed Media
My work explores landscape and structures formed by nature through technical processes and the physicality of paint.
an altered photograph of a man standing in front of a flowered background with words and numbers on it
Fortified 10 x 10 original wooden canvas
"Soft teal and purple hues with dusky gold neutral color background mixed media collage on wooden 8\" squared canvas panel"
a watercolor painting of a bird sitting on top of a newspaper with flowers in the background
a bird with a key hanging from it's beak on a piece of paper
All art is Copyrighted. She's on Facebook. She teaches classes
an altered photograph of a woman's face with blue eyes
Mixed Media Art – The Redefining Of The Way You Look At Art - Bored Art