Salami, cheese and olive

Olive, Mozzarella, & Salami Easy Appetizer: Skewer an olive, marinated mini-mozzarella ball, of a slice of thick cut salami or pepperoni.

Love these single-serve healthy snacks... great for kids and adults alike!  Great for work, school or even for parties. #health #diet #snacks

7 Easy Appetizer and Party Snack Ideas Healthy-Snacks As hard as you tried to avoid it, you were put on the list for veggie tray. Well bring your veggie tray with a bang, and put the vegetables in their own cups with ranch.

Цветы из перчиков и ветчины, закуска украшение стола. МК.


Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites -- irresistible party appetizer!

Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites

Jam Hands: Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites- Great appetizer and very easy! The hardest part is cutting up the kielbasa and putting it on the toothpicks.

Cerezas con chocolate ✿⊱╮

A pretty tasty combination makes a pretty and easy fruit treat! Use Light Cocoa Candy Melts® Candy and the Jewelry Fondant and Gum Paste Mold as your candy mold for these special-occasion Chocolate Co (Chocolate Desserts Easy) (kids baking recipes easy)

Montadito de solomillo de cerdo con queso brie y pimiento /Limpiar el pimiento verde, retirar las pepitas y cortarlo en 4 trozos. Freírlo en aciete y un poco de sal gorda. Saltear los filetes de cerdo en otra sartén con una gotas de aceite. Salpimentar.☆☆

Brie, pork, and green pepper crostinis. I would trade the green pepper for poblano, and then maybe a spicy fruit chutney to bring out the tang of the brie :-)

Elotes en Palitos con Aderezo de Queso Azul

Elotes en Palitos con Aderezo de Queso Azul

Fruit tray

and Concessions Specialty Trays pictures / Small Tropical Fruit Tray (tropical appetizers fun)

Canelones fríos de atún ¡Perfectos para el verano!

Canelones fríos de atún ¡Perfectos para el verano!

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