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the zero waste travel kit is shown with all its contents in it and instructions on how to use it
18 Charts To Help You Start Living More Sustainably
a hand drawn poster with various items on it, including a purse and the words zero waste travel
Two Indians who live zero waste lives share tips, tricks, and challenges
a poster with words describing the different types of plants and how they can help them
Work | Steph Chadwick Design
an info poster describing how to reduce the carbon in your house and what you can use it
How to reduce your carbon footprint — The Considerate Consumer
the green apartment poster is shown with information about what to do and where to go
Take Your Apartment Off The Grid One Month At A Time | Daily Infographic
a poster with the words, you have immense powers and how to use them
5 Beautifully Provocative Posters for Energy Activists
the contents of an eco - friendly shopping bag
an iphone screen showing how to store food without plastic
Guía de Regalos para un Hogar Zero Waste | Zero waste, Ecology, Sustainable living
a poster with the words how to have low waste holiday
How to Have a Low-Waste Holiday
a pink background with different items labeled in the words, and an image of a gift bag
the five ways to get sustenabyy info graphic by nourishes
Five Ways to Gift Sustainably
a drawing of various items that are labeled in different languages, including shopping bags and other things
Cindy Mangomini